High Impact Tutoring in Texas Districts

Staffing, cost, and logistical hurdles stand in the way of meeting statutory requirements for accelerated instruction under HB 4545. Learn how Paper helps Texas districts give students the 1:1 help they deserve in 2022.


High-impact tutoring (HIT) is an evidence-based learning acceleration intervention for all students that need it this year—following their STAAR or EOC assessments—and beyond.

The Texas Education Agency's (TEA) HIT Toolkit recommends that districts find tutoring providers via Brown University's National Student Support Accelerator, which lists Paper.  

The TEA's Vetted Texas Tutor Corps has approved Paper's award-winning program for meeting the research-based components of HIT and supporting districts with its implementation.

School districts can also use TEA TCLAS Decision 6 funding to partner with Paper.

What’s in the Texas HIT guide?

  • State guidance from the TEA for district leaders to meet HB 4545 requirements and leverage high-impact tutoring to provide every student the personalized help they need.
  • Overview of HIT's definition, outcomes, and potential for learning recovery and acceleration
  • 10 key criteria for districts to choose and implement effective HIT programs
  • Real examples of how districts are implementing HIT and overcoming challenges of cost and scale 
  • Strategies to complement HIT and districts' strategic plans
  • Evidence-based insights from Annenberg Institute at Brown University, J-PAL at MIT, The Hechinger Report, and more

Instant access to a tutor for every student, no scheduling needed.

Every student gets immediate access to a tutor, within seconds 

  • Multi-lingual  support, including Spanish
  • Unlimited access for all subjects
  • 24/7/365 on any device

Let’s talk about your goals

Paper takes traditional HIT a step further by making tutors available anytime, anywhere—with an unlimited-usage, fixed-cost model. We’d love to be a trusted partner in your district’s HB 4545 implementation.