Scaling educational equity, one student at a time

Recorded on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 | 1pm PT, 4pm ET

Part of a discussion series on scaling 1:1 experiences

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Educational support doesn't begin and end with the school bell. Given the urgent need to recover lost learning, districts must tackle the striking disparities in the support students have outside of school.

Leaders from diverse districts shared how they are scaling resources and programs to reach more students, better.

About the series

Getting devices into the hands of every student is just the first step in providing 1:1 experiences—and it's opened the door for richer innovations and conversations in education.

Join K-12 administrators across departments to discuss the cost, infrastructure, and equity implications of moving towards an all-encompassing culture of 1:1 at their district.

See the scaling 1:1 experiences for every student discussion series for more details.

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Meet the speakers

Headshot of Glenn Alegre

Glenn Alegre
Executive Director of Technology, Innovation & Assessment
Moreno Valley USD

Ben Markley

Ben Markley
Chief Technology Officer
Hemet USD


Michael R. McCormick
Val Verde USD


Dr. Ryan Smith
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Paramount USD

Headshot of Priya Aggarwal
Priya Aggarwal
Chief Marketing Officer