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ABC30 News: California districts invest in 24/7 high-dosage tutoring

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ABC30 Segment on Paper

Predictable fixed costs for school districts

Budgeting accurately is critical and very challenging for school administrators. Extra help can have large variable costs that throw even the most tightly controlled budget out of whack—and place a hard cap on the number of hours students can be helped.

icon-circle-tick Unlimited live help on demand

Learners don't know in advance when they're going to get stuck on a problem or struggle with a concept. They should be able to get help in the moment so they don't waste time or get frustrated and discouraged.

icon-circle-tick Detailed writing feedback

Providing writing help and feedback is painstaking work. Most teachers don't have the bandwidth to review an assignment more than once. But learners need timely, frequent feedback spanning grammar, structure, and style to develop strong writing skills.

icon-circle-tick Available 24/7

10 pm might be the only time a learner can study for their test or do their homework. But when they get stuck, they're all alone. Students need help—and deserve it—any time of day (or night) they're willing to put in the work.

Paper is different from typical academic support services

Promotes educational equity

Learning help that’s accessible to every student regardless of socioeconomic status, scheduling challenges, “extra help stigma,” or any other roadblock. You’ll level the playing field for all students to succeed.

Delivers personalized learning

1:1 support from expert tutors. Students get help where, when, how, and as much as they need it. So they can catch up or get ahead—with their classroom teacher in the loop every step of the way.

Scales to serve all students

Academic support that isn’t constrained by unmanageable demand, the time of day, unpredictable costs, or the availability of teachers, parents, or tutors. You can deploy support to all learners—at a fixed cost.

Expanded learning opportunities

Let's chat about your district's needs and how a 24/7, cost-effective high-dosage tutoring program could support them using ELO or other funds.