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Watch District 99 select Paper

The Illinois P-20 Council and the National Student Support Accelerator list Paper as a high-impact tutoring program to drive learning renewal. Paper's award-winning model also aligns with evidence-based criteria outlined by researchers at Brown University and more. 

Are you a West 40 district? West 40 ISC has partnered with Paper to help their districts provide high-impact tutoring with simpler implementation and pricing terms. See how.

School districts across Illinois
trust Paper

Getting high-impact tutoring right

See how Paper can help you meet research, funding, and state guidance on using this practice for learning acceleration.

Guidance for success


Deliver high-impact tutoring from trained tutors at least three times a week, individually or in small groups.


Align with evidence on effective high-impact tutoring, such as from the EdResearch for Recovery Project.


Use online tutoring to broaden reach without increasing costs and better match student needs with tutor skills.


Support curriculum-aligned tutoring, use data and assessments, and engage teachers in the tutoring process. 


Use relief funds and identify organizations to help make it cost-efficient. Average programs cost $500 to 3,500 per student per year.


Avoid the deficiency lens and target by site or grade level to help show that tutoring is for everyone.

icon-circle-tick-fillPaper’s highly trained tutors are there to support students 24/7 in unlimited, 1:1 sessions—way above the required minimum dosage.


Paper meets evidence-based criteria for effectively designed tutoring programs outlined by the EdResearch for Recovery Project, J-PAL, etc.

icon-circle-tick-fillPaper’s large tutor team ensures all students can get tutors that match their unique needs, languages, and other attributes.
icon-circle-tick-fillSessions on Paper are always curriculum-aligned. Teachers get data and visibility into students' sessions to support instruction and assessments.
icon-circle-tick-fillAvailable with relief funds, Paper costs below this average to help districts provide unlimited tutoring at a cost-efficient, fixed price. Learn more. 
icon-circle-tick-fillPaper helps districts target students at a larger scale to avoid the deficiency lens and any "extra help" stigma.

“Finding Paper has been a game-changer. Not only do students have an easy way to access support, but it makes students learn how to do the work, not just get an answer. I feel incredibly lucky to work with Paper to support our students and families.”

—Greg Wolcott, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Woodridge School District 68, IL

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