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Paper is already in action at Arlington ISD

Why Principal Lizardo Chose Paper:

“We know now more than ever how important access is and to provide this kind of academic support with ease is huge for our Bowie community. It will be great to see that equity in action.”
—Reny Lizardo, Principal of Bowie High School, Arlington ISD

5 ways Paper can help

1Take a big step towards equity

Close the gap between students who have access to private support and those who do not. 

Paper's live help feature


2Increase opportunities to excel

Give every student unlimited, 24/7 access to personalized learning help in all subjects from multilingual tutors.

3Extend teacher bandwidth

Leverage the power of virtual TAs that reinforce classroom instruction and keep teachers in the loop with students’ progress and needs.



4Deploy support to all learners at a fixed cost

Paper scales to support all students. Provide academic support that isn’t constrained by unpredictable demand, the time of day, unmanageable costs, or the availability of teachers, parents, or tutors.

5Gain actionable insights

Get visibility into student usage, identify student support needs, and see the biggest opportunities for meaningful intervention. 



Thumbnail of Case Study Cover and Page - Woodside High School
"I was able to quickly view and keep track of topics students were struggling with and find more detail about each tutoring session. I was also able to reference these with other teachers to help students succeed in their distance learning journey."

— Teacher, Woodside High School, Sequoia Union HSD, CA

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