Why Principal Almon Chose PAPER:

“Our students' hours have changed, they just need to have a reliable source so that they can ask questions and get feedback.”

Get Help with DPS 2020-21 Improvement Plans:

  • Accelerating unfinished learning
  • Providing fluidity across scenarios
  • Engaging students that need additional support
  • Live instruction that requires less at-home adult assistance
  • Reaching all students with tutorials in multiple languages

5 Ways PAPER Can Help Your Denver Public Site

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1. DPS-Approved Vendor:

  • Trusted by JFK & Northfield High School
  • Seamless Schoology integration
  • Fluidity across remote, hybrid & in-person models
Step Paper co

2. Student support like never before:

  • 24/7 unlimited live tutoring
  • Annotated essay feedback
  • Available in English, Spanish, French & Mandarin
Step Paper co

3. Trained, expert tutors:

  • Rigorous screening, selection & training process
  • Socratic methods to guide students to find answers
Step Paper co

4. Full transparency & support:

  • Teacher insights to inform instruction
  • Increased student support, reduced teacher workload
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5. No variable costs:

  • Unlimited usage at a fixed price to schools
  • Available through Title I & CARES Act funding

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