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Trouble concentrating?  Headspace is here to help your mind go from cluttered to clear.

Join this 45-minute webinar to learn how Headspace can help you improve focus and tune in to the present moment — plus, tips for how to set yourself up for a less-distracted day. We’ll also discuss the science behind how Headspace helps you focus and why being focused is important in the modern world.

As educators you’ll also learn about your free access to Headspace.


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Tom Freeman
Manager, Global Engagement


Tom has dedicated his career to making companies happy places to work. He is the Manager, Global Engagement at Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness.

After completing his Master’s degree in Business Psychology, Tom joined Headspace in 2012 when the company had only a handful of employees in a small London office. In his most recent work at Headspace, Tom founded the "Headspace for work" engagement team, and has additionally played significant roles across the company, supporting efforts in human resources, learning & development, culture management, science research, and more.

His role involves working with Headspace’s ‘Headspace for Work’ clients globally to support them in building a culture of using Headspace in their workplaces. He has spoken
at events and conferences on the topics of mindfulness, wellbeing at work and workplace culture.

He lives in LA and also loves playing the drums.

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