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As many students (and teachers) know, games are not only fun, but also great at cultivating critical thinking and problem solving skills. And when it comes to using games to enhance active learning and increase student engagement, the possibilities are endless.

This session will explore and expand on approaches to using a variety of game formats in the classroom. Participants will come to understand the value of game-based learning, as well as methods to integrate games into lesson design for different subject areas, grade levels, and learning environments (in-person, hybrid, and online).

Whether you’re a pro at using games in the classroom or a beginner looking to engage students in new ways, join

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New date coming soon! 

Meet the speaker

Katie Wright
High School Educator, AP Government and Politics
Odessa High School - Townsend, DE

Katie Wright is a high school social studies educator at Odessa High School in Townsend, Delaware. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in International Relations and French and achieved a Masters in Special Education from Wilmington University. She has taught a variety of subjects and grade levels during her 13 years of teaching, including French and English Language Arts. Social Studies has always been her passion.

Since her district adopted one-to-one practices, Katie has moved towards a classroom that seamlessly blends technology with the student experience. She has found her passion in providing student choice and student voice in each part of her curriculum.

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