Latest update: December 2, 2022 


Category of recipients

Non-exhaustive examples and explanations

Support Service Providers

We may use Zendesk to provide technical support to our users. Zendesk does not use personal information for any other purpose than to provide us with their services and does not sell personal information. You can consult Zendesk’s Privacy Policy here.

We may use other tools for support purposes, which may temporarily contain personal information of our users.

IT Service Providers

We use service providers to provide and host our Services online. For instance, our Services are hosted on Google Cloud Platform. IT Service Providers may also be used for security purposes, such as for log monitoring. You can find Google Cloud Platform’s Privacy Policy here.

Performance Service Providers

We use tools such as Sentry to monitor our online application, such as to diagnose, fix and optimize the performance of our Services. You can view Sentry’s privacy policy here.

Analytics Service Providers

We use Google Firebase to obtain analytics based on how users are leveraging our Services. We use such analytics to provide reporting capabilities to and build interactive and visual analysis for Districts. You can find more information about Firebase’s collection and use practices here or visit Google’s privacy policy here.

We also use Pendo for analytics services.

Communication Partners

We use third parties to provide you with e-mail notifications. For instance, we use Mailchimp and Mandrill (an add-on to Mailchimp) to provide teachers and students with notifications about our Services.You can find MailChimp’s Privacy Policy here. We have not enabled any marketing functions within MailChimp’s additional add-ons.