Tech tools and strategies to address learner variability

Recorded on Thursday, April 8th | 4pm PT, 7pm ET

Part of a discussion series for teachers, by teachers

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About the discussion

Identifying and addressing learner variability has never been more critical.

A panel of dedicated educators shared how they’re reaching all learners—in and out of the classroom. The attendees walked away knowing the best strategies for differentiating and personalizing instruction, and which ed tech tools can best support them in catering to individual learning needs.

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Meet the speakers

Headshot of Natalie Conway

Natalie Conway
Special Education Teacher,  Instructional Coach, Podcast Host

Prineville, OR


Dr. Janet Ilko
EL/Literacy Support,
SDAWP Fellow
San Diego, CA


Alfonso Mendoza
Instructional Technologist,
Doctoral Student, Podcast Host

Edinburg, TX

Headshot of Gordon Van Owen

Gordon Van Owen
Peer Collaborative Teacher,
English Department Chair

New York, NY

Dr. Matt Rhoads
Teacher, Ed. Specialist, Author, Lecturer
San Diego, CA

About the series

While recent events have pushed schools to rely on tech more than ever before, they’ve also reminded us what’s at the heart of instruction: educators.

Join passionate K-12 practitioners and experts from the field as they share how they’re leveraging emerging strategies and technologies across different instructional models to serve varying learner needs.

This series is moderated by Dr. Matt Rhoads, author of Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders.

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