Getting the most out of Paper to support students 24/7

Paper’s Educational Support System is easy to integrate into any classroom.

Getting started with Paper

It can sometimes be tough to get students to adopt new tools and technologies. Paper is constantly listening to teacher feedback to make classroom integration as simple as can be. Some of features and best practices we’ve learned from teachers include:


Simplified Log-in

Each school has a personalized login page where students will only see their school’s login options. School login pages have unique URLs, which makes it easy to add to your LMS or website.

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First Sessions

 Incentivize your students to try Paper by making Live Help a part of any existing assignment. You can even upload any homework to Paper’s new Assign feature to get students started.

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Paper Activities

Paper offers free, pre-made activities to help get students and teachers familiar with the platform. Designed by former teachers, these activities can be tailored to fit your classroom’s specific needs.

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Essay Review Rubric

For any written assignment, make sure students are benefitting from the feedback available on Paper by requiring them to submit an outline, first paragraph, or first draft to Essay Review.

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Keep Paper top of mind for students

Be it for remote, in-person, or hybrid models, during school hours or afterwards, our tutors will always be online and ready to assist. Reminding students they’ve got access to Paper is a great way to promote usage and help maximize its impact on learning.

Your dashboard overview

Paper offers a full slate of professional developments for teachers. To get a glimpse of what you can expect, take a look at this brief, 6-minute overview on how teachers use Paper.

Want to know more?

There are plenty of other ways you can integrate Paper into your classroom. Find out how Paper can become an essential part of your school days.

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