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Did you know your students have access to 24/7 virtual tutors at no cost? Students can connect with a tutor in seconds and start studying for their upcoming exams.

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Paper provides an extra layer of support for students as they prepare for upcoming tests and exams—reinforcing parent/guardian support and helping students reach their academic goals. Use these guides to create a study schedule and help set your child up for success this testing season with free 24/7 academic support.

Grades 3-5

Help your students gain foundational skills for assignments and assessments this spring.

Grades 6-8

Help your students prepare for spring assessments and end of year assignments/projects.

Grades 9-12

Help your students prepare for spring finals, end of year projects, and
AP/IB exams.

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Take a tour of the testing toolkit to help prepare your students for finals by studying with Paper.

Parent Testing Toolkit

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