Building at-home connections between students and learning moments

As a parent or guardian, you know that learning shouldn’t stop when students step outside the classroom!

With Paper, students get access to free, unlimited, and 24/7 academic support from fully vetted tutors. All Paper tutors are experts in their own academic areas, and students can get support in over 200 subjects in four languages.

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How Paper Works

How to log in and navigate the platform

When students first log in, they’ll be prompted to set up their learner profile and sign the student code of conduct.

Log in and navigate the Paper platform→

How to connect with a live tutor

Students can connect with a subject-matter expert in seconds by using Paper’s voice or chat-based Live Help feature.

Explore Live Help→

How to get written work reviewed

Students can submit any written work to Paper’s Review Center to receive feedback from a tutor within 48 hours.

Check out Paper’s Review Center→

How to build confidence with math and ELA independent practice

Students can practice their math and english skills by completing fun and interactive games.

Learn more about Paper Missions →

Join a Paper parent/guardian info session

Join a free Paper for Parents information session in English or Spanish. During this 45-minute webinar, the Paper team will provide you with an introduction to the Paper platform, help you learn to navigate the platform with your student, provide resources on ways to get started with Paper at home, and answer your questions.

New webinar dates are now available for the semester!

Implement Paper in your home


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  • Understand

    Take Paper's short self-paced course to familiarize yourself with how to effectively utilize Paper with your student. 

    Family Landing Page


  • Login

    Login to Paper with your student!

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  • Ideas for Use

    Check out these fun and easy ideas to get students started with Paper:

    1. Unsure of how to start a conversation with a tutor? Students’ first conversation with a Paper tutor will be a new, but exciting experience! If they are not sure how to begin, they can use these Student Sentence Starters. Here they can explore different ways to phrase their questions and get their tutoring session going.

    2. Missed assignments due to an absence? No need to fall behind! Whenever students have to miss school, they can always count on Paper tutors to assist them in completing homework packets or explain concepts they might have missed while being absent. Students can let tutors know they are working on a topic they missed at school, and the tutors will provide explanations to prevent students from feeling "lost" once they return to the classroom.

    3. Need to practice for a quiz or want to review previous quiz/test questions? Paper tutors are here to help students prep for upcoming quizzes/tests for any subject. Students can bring review questions to a Live Help session and practice to help them remember and get comfortable with problems they might see on the test. If they are working on correcting previous quizzes/test questions, tutors will help them identify what steps they got wrong and explain the correct way to solve the problem.

    4. Stuck on a single problem or question? Whether there are questions on the first or last step of a problem, students can work in a Live Help session to get to the answer. Students can let tutors know they need help getting started. If they have already tried to find a solution, they can share the problem with a tutor by uploading a picture and explaining how they got to the answer to check their understanding.

    5. Seeking support with math skills? Paper Missions has got your back! Students can find Paper Missions in their student dashboard to work on practice problems and build on important math skills.

    6. Want to improve your study habits? Knowing how to study can set students up for success. Students can start Live Help sessions for a particular subject and let tutors know what topic they are studying. Tutors can provide tips on how to stay organized, how to memorize terms, how to create flashcards, and other study skills.

    7. Brainstorm ideas and get revisions for your upcoming writing assignment. Writing assignments don’t have to be daunting! Students can start Live Help sessions to brainstorm ideas or create outlines for any of their writing assignments with a tutor. If they already have a first draft ready, they can upload their work to Review Center to get feedback on their assignment.


  • Build Routines

    Create a schedule and routine for your student to get used to using Paper at home!

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